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About us

We believe in the future of work.

Freedom, personal development, new relationships.. the shift towards location independence is exciting! We are here to help you to sell more, optimize your marketing, be more profitable and make social impact.


Hi, I’m Niels Janszen. I founded Growhub because I believe everyone should feel happy and empowered in their work life.

Luckily, the work scene is changing and the remote work movement is giving people the opportunity to experience more freedom than ever before.

Still, businesses can be surprisingly inefficient. We often get lost in our to-do lists, chasing e-mails or we make decisions without looking at our numbers first.

There is a ton of potential waiting to be unleashed if we get these things fixed.

This is how Growhub was born, to help coworking spaces operate effectively, stay focussed, to do more with your data, and run your business with confidence.

Whether you are looking to grow your sales numbers, improve team work or optimize your marketing efforts.. we’re here to help!

Let’s get started.

Join a new breed of highly effective coworking spaces. If you’re ready to take the next step, schedule a consulting call with one of our experts.

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Growing up isn’t always fun. This time it is.

Still got some questions or looking for a partnership? We’re happy to hear your ideas.

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✓ Attract more members – and yes, more pre-bookings

✓ See how your space is performing in a simple dashboard

✓ Build a dream team by improving teamwork & ownership

✓ Run profitable programs – to drive revenue and excite your members

✓ Learn which marketing activities work – and why

✓ Automate repeating tasks & reduce human error

✓ Manage your online community with ease – and save hundreds of hours