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Meet our monthly bitesize plan.

The #1 plan for small and midsize coworking spaces to attract more members, start measuring KPIs and take member experience to the next level.

Attract more members

Streamline operations

Measure growth KPIs

One plan, all services.

Plus additional consulting calls, starting at €499 per month.

Attract more members

Optimize your website and Google my Business

Get listed on important coworking websites

Learn from your Google Analytics data

Streamline operations

✓ Manage your community at scale

✓ Improve project management with Asana.

✓ Set up automations and reduce human error

Measure growth KPIs

Define objectives to increase team focus

Set goals in your Google Analytics

Track KPIs and see them in a dashboard

A plan that fits like a glove.

Use our building blocks to create a tailor-made plan for your business.

How we work

✓ Get help from our globally distributed team

✓ Stay with us as long as we add value to your business

✓ Having fun is part of our service. We’ll leave our ego at the door

100% remote

Flexible contracts

Honest and friendly

Ready? We are.

Join a new breed of highly effective coworking spaces. If you’re ready to take the next step, schedule a consulting call with one of our experts.

Schedule a free call

Growing up isn’t always fun. This time it is.

Still got some questions or looking for a partnership? We’re happy to hear your ideas.

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✓ Attract more members – and yes, more pre-bookings

✓ See how your space is performing in a simple dashboard

✓ Build a dream team by improving teamwork & ownership

✓ Run profitable programs – to drive revenue and excite your members

✓ Learn which marketing activities work – and why

✓ Automate repeating tasks & reduce human error

✓ Manage your online community with ease – and save hundreds of hours